Cake Decorating

Custom Cake Decorating

(1)Have a birthday to celebrate for someone special, a special occasion for that team, class or office or just want to surprise someone with something special, come in to Graves Supermarkets for an artistically designed custom cake or pie in a huge variety of shapes, flavors and culinary designs. We can say or do just about anything with colorful icing and a wide array of festive toppings. Please feel free to ask any question with our experienced and talented staff.

 How About A Computerized Photo Rendition!

Want to truly make your surprise cake remarkably custom and unique to the occasion? Bring in a digital photo of that special person, event or anything and we’ll use the latest technology here at Graves to duplicate the image in icing. That’s right. With the help of technology, we’ll make you custom cake so unique, that your party will want to take photos before delving in.

Photos can be brought in via CD, thumb-drive or other USB devise.

Be sure to check in with our bakery staff to ask any questions.